Tuesday, March 4, 2008

N810 App Adventures

I installed Claws Mail last Friday but haven't been able to get it to work just yet.

The builtin Nokia email app likewise isn't working yet.

Luckily webmail works.

I tried to install the Canola media player this morning but the install thermometer never indicates a complete download over the air. I'll keep trying.

I'd like to be able to download podcasts the the microSD card I bought recently. I understand Canola can do that.

The N810 is great for online streaming using the builtin Internet Radio desktop applet. I've been listening to the BBC News Summary each morning and the stream of the BBC World Service while doing weekend chores.

But the Internet Radio applet is only good at a wifi hotspot.

I want to listen to podcasts offline using the N810.

The builtin RSS Reader app shows and allows download of audio enclosures but so far as I can tell, does not auto download feeds like a podcast aggregator - the Juice Receiver
http://juicereceiver.sourceforge.net/ - for example.

So I'll try again tomorrow to get Canola.

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